The Process

From head to toe, your new car is looked after. The basis of good protection is a clean slate. This means that all cars receiving our protection packages get the same high standard of cleaning, decontamination and preparation work before a single polisher touches the paint, and then having coatings applied.

UPD has a very thorough process of gently cleaning a variety of surfaces on your car, catered to the specifics of what every part of your car needs. Trust the professionals to know that your wheels, your paintwork, your glass, interior materials, trims, etc. ALL require their own special touch. Depending on how far we want, or need to go to meet your requirements, UPD are here to please and ensure trust, safety and satisfaction at every step of the way. At its core, the process revolves around interior & exterior detailing to clean the car, and allow us to then safely decontaminate all paintwork and relevant surfaces, either chemically and/or mechanically. Once all applicable surfaces are fully prepped, our professional team can polish, correct and finish up all parts of the vehicle ready to have protection applied. Which in most cases is a durable ceramic coating.

Ceramic Coatings are a durable, nanoscopic chemical polymer protectant which is applied to freshly prepared paintwork to boost gloss, durability and swirl resistance in order to protect your investment in paint correction for years to come. All whilst being ultra hydrophobic (beading water) to make washing it a breeze. Here at Urbanity Premium Detailing we exclusively use Gtechniq Smart Surface Coatings, which we are accredited to apply.


Choose from one of the following detailing packages, or give us a call to create a tailored custom package, just for you.

Pre-Sale Detailing Package

  • PH Neutral Snow Foam Bath
  • Wheels Decontaminated + Hand Washed
  • Tyres Degreased + Scrubbed + Rinsed
  • Trims Brushed and Thoroughly Cleaned
  • Entire Car Hand Washed and Dried
  • Thorough Engine Bay Deep Clean
  • Glass Prepped and Deep Cleaned
  • Paintwork Chemically Decontaminated
  • Application of Ceramic Spray Sealant
  • Application of Dressing to Tyres and Engine Bay
  • Intensive Vacuum of Interior
  • Interior Glass Deep Cleaned
  • Interior Trims Deep Cleaned
  • Application of Interior Detailer to all Trims
  • Application of Angelwax Eden Scent Treatment
  • + FREE Photography Package of Vehicle
FROM $495  •  Click to Learn More

Protection package #1

  • Basic Interior Detail & Sanitisation
  • Exterior Detail
  • Full Paint Decontamination
  • Gloss Enhancing Polish
  • Exterior 5 Year Ceramic Coating
FROM $850  •  Click to Learn More

Protection package #2

  • Basic Interior Detail & Sanitisation
  • Exterior Detail
  • Full Paint Decontamination
  • Single Stage Paint Correction Polish
  • Exterior 5 Year Ceramic Coating
  • Glass Coated and Protected: Front and Rear
  • Wheel Faces and Spokes Ceramic Coated
  • Interior Surfaces Coated and Protected
FROM $1390  •  Click to Learn More

Protection package #3

  • Intensive Interior Detail & Sanitisation
  • Exterior Detail
  • Full Paint Decontamination
  • Dual Stage Paint Correction Polish
  • Exterior 5 Year Ceramic Coating plus Secondary Topcoat
  • All Glass Coated and Protected
  • Wheel Faces and Spokes Ceramic Coated
  • Interior Surfaces Coated and Protected
  • Engine Bay Deep Cleaned and Protected
  • All Trims Ceramic Coated and Protected
FROM $1790  •  Click to Learn More

Concours Detailing Package

Let us create a specialised, unique Concours Detailing Package for your prized possession. Whether it's services for high-end vehicles, show cars, or another unique vehicle – Urbanity Premium Detailing has you covered.

Contact our team today to discuss a tailored VIP package for your ride and make a new booking today.
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The Results

Want to know how our paint correction turns out? Check out some of our recent results below to see the before and after highlights of our client's paint work.






Don’t look any further than Urbanity for your detailing needs. Jacks knowledge and expertise is beyond his years. His attention to detail is phenomenal and his level of service is flawless.Jack fitted me in for a full single stage correction and ceramic coat with a tight deadline. He went above and beyond to make sure it was done in time, and to a high standard.His communication is phenomenal and super transparent and open with pricing and is comfortable in adjusting where he focuses his work to get the optimum value for money.

– Sam

I have been speaking to the business owner for months about potentially getting my 1995 325i BMW done. Once I was finally ready I had the confidence to go ahead with the service as I had been informed in depth about each service available. I chose to go for a two stage polish and ceramic coat. I left it with Jack over the christmas period and I was blown away when I got the car back. Incredible attention to detail bringing my 26 year old car back to life. Went above and beyond touching up extra parts of the car. Seriously recommend taking any of your cars to Jack. Car is super easy to wash and maintain.

– Nicholas

Took my brand new Isuzu MUX to Urbanity for full paint correction, ceramic paint protection and internal protection. All work completed on time as promised and more than happy with the result. Competitive pricing and the after sales service has been excellent. Highly recommend.

– Steve

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